World bosses

Endless war with dead produces new evil - improbable monsters which can destroy the whole city. Triumph over creatures from the rift and gain Shards of hate, which can be spent on armor improvement.

Battles with world bosses start for every player at one time, few times a day. Every player who has access to boss' area can participate in the battle. After the battle begins you join a random group of 50 players.

Cadaver falls into rage while fighting . Using of Hits and charges reduces rage. Using of grenades forces it up. The more rage cadaver has, the more damage he receives and deals. Cadaver will damage all the players dying.
The reward size depends on the amount of damage the player deals during the fight. If a player dies in the battle, they receive no reward.
After defeating the boss the reward for other battles will be reduces (for 15 hours). We recommend to stay away from fighting bosses during this time to regenerate.

Upgread for shards:
Shards of hate can be used to improve weapons, amulets and wristlets. Accessible for Improvable items can be found in the special set in the shop. After improving the item to 10th level (for chosen currency) you will gain access to further improvements (for shards of hate).

Amulets and wristlets can be improved for shards of hate from the first level. These improvements unlock many important characteristics. Also the first new level will give some random bonus to an object. (stronger damage, shield on the arena, a chance of critical damage). This bonus will grow will the improvement of the object. The maximum level of these improvements depends on the level of object.

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