You can go racing at any district. Each district has a unique track which becomes available when you unlock the second region of the district.

Your aim is to finish first and destroy as many zombies as possible on the track. For each race you’ll receive points and depending on their amount you’ll gain rewards.


To start the race you should spend 1 Fuel tank. In the beginning of the day you have 5 fuel tanks. When you spend them all, you’ll be offered to send request to a friend for 1 extra fuel tank or to buy it for starmoney. Altogether you can have only 5 extra fuel tanks per day, so maximum you can have 10 races in one day. After you spend all fuel, you’ll be able to start a new race only after the time is over (on the next day).

Before starting the race you can choose the difficulty:

The higher difficulty you choose, the smarter and faster is the opponent, the more zombies you get on the track and the more points you get for the race.

At each next district the track difficulty (amount of zombies, track’s length) and the rewards increase.


During the race you can use Nitro to speed up your car. You can purchase Nitro for starmoney before starting the race. Also you can get Nitro for completing a specific quest in the game.

To become the best racer increase the Performance of your car by upgrading it with new body kit parts, and choose those types of roof cannons which have the minimal reload time.

When you gain points for the races, you unlock various rewards. You can collect them all according to the amount of points you get during the day. On the next day all points will be cleared.

Moreover, you can change the tracks of different districts on the top of the window without entering the map.

During the race


Use keyboard to control your car:

You can start a race and gain points at any unlocked track, although you can get the rewards only on your last unlocked track. The opponents are picked from that district where you start the race and depending on the difficulty you choose (i.e. according to your and opponent’s car performance).

After each victory at the race you’ll be put against a new opponent in the same difficulty range.


The amount of received points depends on how many zombies you kill on the track and whether you win the race or not.

Zombies can be run over but it will slow down your car. Also you can shoot zombies if you have a roof cannon on your car. Each roof cannon has its reload time. After your perform the shot, the countdown begins and only after the time is over you can shoot again. Using Nitro while running over zombies don’t slow the car down.



In the players’ Rating there is a tab “Racers”. Gain as many points as you can in the races, become the top racers in the rating and get bonuses to your stats as a reward.


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