Firmwares are elements that can be installed on your drones and give the player different bonuses.

Firmwares can be gained as a reward for Biolab battles. To manage your Firmwares enter the Shop and the tap Drones – Firmwares. The drone can be equipped with only one Firmware. You’ll get bonuses from only one firmware – installed on the active drone.

Firmware can have from 1 to 12 bonuses; each bonus can have level from 1 to 5. The level of firmware equals to the sum of its bonuses’ levels. Maximum level is 60.

Bonus has color-group (blue for attack, green for defense, yellow for additional), type of bonus and the bonus value, signified in its level.

Three firmwares can be merged into a new one by spending some silver.

The merging price depends on the amount and levels of bonuses in chosen firmwares. The preview of the merging result may be seen before the merging itself. While merging the bonuses of firmwares are combined as follows:

  • Two or more bonuses of the same type create the same bonus. Three bonuses on the same type and same level create bonus of a higher level.
  • Two or more bonuses of the same color but different types create one random bonus of the same color. Three bonuses of the same color and same level create one bonus of a higher level.
  • One bonus that has no other compatible components of the same color or type will be ported into the new firmware as it is.



  • If you want to level up a bonus, you’ll need three firmwares with this bonus of the same level
  • If you want to add new bonus to firmware, you’ll need two firmwares with identic bonuses and the third one with a new bonus


Regards, Nexters Support Team

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