You can enter Biolab at any district. You gain access to each Biolab when unlocking the third region of the district.

In Biolab you’ll deal with all cadavers from the chosen district.

For the victory in Biolab you’ll get special reward as well as a Firmware. The harder Biolab you choose, the higher level of the Firmware you get.


Let the battle begin:

You can start the battle by yourself and ask two friends for help.

The invited friend should have the access to the district where the Biolab is situated, and should have the level higher than the minimum one for this Biolab. The team that has players of the level higher than the maximum one for this Biolab will not take part in rating but will get all victory rewards.


During the battle:

Cadavers will appear by turn from the weakest of the regions to the strongest one from Citadel. The stronger cadaver is, the more summons it calls for help and the more health and attack they have. After cadaver dies, next one appears in the beginning of the enemy turn.

Enemies take their turn after all players attack. There is no limit on time of turns or battle.

Each cadaver has Rage parameter.

Rage accumulates when cadaver gets damage from hits or grenades, and cadaver loses 1 cell of Rage each its turn. When the Rage bar is full, cadaver uses special ability that inflicts great damage on players or heals/fortifies allies.

If there are 2-3 players in the battle, enemies attack them by turn. However, while using special ability cadaver may choose the strongest or the weakest player without out of turn.

If the player died during the battle, he or she may leave Biolab or resurrect by spending some Starmoney. Usage of medical set won’t resurrect the dead player. If all players quit the battle, it counts as a defeat.

The battle creator can kick out invited players. The player, who left the battle or was kicked out of it, can’t be invited again.

Anytime you can temporarily leave Biolab and continue the battle later

Also you can end the battle by pushing the button “Leave Biolab”, in this case you won’t be able to return into the battle and get reward.

Free battles in Biolab are available each 12 hours. The time limit is common for all Biolabs. The timing starts after the battle ends. However, if you don’t want to wait, you can start new battle at once for Starmoney. If the player you invited into the battle has this time limit, he or she will also have to spend Starmoney to enter Biolab.


Biolab Rating

Each Biolab has its own rating. The less turns you make in total during the battle, the higher is your position in rating. If the number of turns is equal, the winner-team will not change its rating place. The reward for the first place in rating will be an extra Firmware that will be given to all participants of the quickest battle.

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