Mass Combats (MC)

You need to be level 20 to take part in Mass Combat (MC).

Mass Combats are held each 30 minutes.

Two teams of players take part in MC. Each team consists of three groups of two players.

Players from one clan always get into one team.

In MC you will get into the same league as in the usual arena. The higher is your league, the bigger reward you get.

If there was not found any matching by the stats player in any of the groups, his or her place will be taken by a bot - a copy of the real player. In this case you are not fighting with a real player but with a copy which is like a trooper. In case of the victory the player, whose cope was used for MC, will not get any reward, as the copy is not connected with a real player.

To start MC you need to:

  1. Press the symbol next to your smartphone in the left bottom corner of the screen:

    IF YOU DON'T HAVE THIS SYMBOL (it happens if you've put a tick next to "Do not receive notifications") then:
    - enter MC via the location Downtown: 

    - enter the Shop - Talents - button Get more: 

  2. In the MC window you'll see a timer which shows how much time is left before the next combat. When it expires you will hear a beep signal and the button "Apply" will appear (you have one minute to apply for MC). Push the button and the wait for the other participants to join.
  3. When all participants will be gathered the MC will start!

The beginning of MC

The MC starts with the turn of the weakest team (the sum of all players' health points is considered). The first turn in the team is given to the weakest group (again according to the health points).

After each group there is a turn of the turrets.
The order will be as follows:
Team 1 Group 1 - Turrets - Team 2 Group 1 - Turrets - Team 1 Group 2 - Turrets...etc

Rules of MC

MC resembles simple arena fights. During your turn you can use any consumables you have and hit an enemy or a turret. Take into consideration the battle tactics of your group as well as your team, the battle's outcome depends a lot on the unity of the players!


There are three turrets in MC. You can hit and destroy them.

Green turret heals the weakest player/group (according to the health points).

Blue turret hits with charges the strongest player/group (according to the health points).

Orange turret randomly hits any player/group.

Turrets are the third side of the battle, so they can heal/hit your group as well as your allies' group.

MC rating and rewards

For each battle you get a specific amount of Prestige, PvP rank points and drone experience that depends on your league, your victory or defeat and the amount of damage you brought.

In the MC window you can see the players rating for current and previous days (see the tab “Rewards and winners”). In case 2 players get the same amount of prestige, their order in the rating will be assigned randomly.

Top-500 of players get a reward according to the daily rating.

Top-1: 2500 points of prestige and a random module of level 6-8.

Top-5: 1000 points of prestige and a random module of level 5-7.

Top-10: 500 points of prestige and a random module of level 4-6.

Top-30: 250 points of prestige and a random module of level 3-5.

Top-100: 150 points of prestige and a random module of level 2-4.

Top-200: 100 points of prestige and a random module of level 1-3.

Top-500: 50 points of prestige and a random module of level 0-2.

Regards, Nexters Support Team

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