Prestige and Talents

Prestige can be earned in Mass Combats.

With the help of prestige you can upgrade your Talents (Shop - Talents).

In your stats you will be able to see the bonus to your attack and health: 

The list of talents:

  •  Attack:
  1. Toughness (increases your Toughness)
  2. Damage of charges (increases damage while using Charges)
  3. Damage of grenades (increases damage while using Grenades and Molotov cocktail)
  4. Attack (increases your Attack)
  • Defence:
  1. Endurance (increases your Endurance)
  2. Healing (increases healing while using Medkits, Bandages and Medical Sets)
  3. Defence (reduces incoming damage)
  4. Health (increases your Health)

By investing the necessary amount of prestige into any talent you change its parameter for a figure shown in the right side of the talent panel. In the left side you can see its current value.

By pressing the button "Clear" you clear all the talents and get possibility to invest all gained prestige over again. Each next cleanup will be more expensive.

Regards, Nexters Support Team

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