What are the settlements?

There are two types of settlements:

1. Green (levels 1-30)

2. Red (any level)

3. Yellow (31-60)

A settlement can produce 200 units of the resource Elixir of life per hour.
Elixir of life allows you to transform units, for instance, from partisan to sniper > machine gunner > mechanic and so on.

You can conquer (as well as defend) a settlement either single-handedly or by the army of the whole alliance.

You cannot have more than one settlement per player, but you can use your allies’ Elixir of life.

You are given 30 minutes to assemble troops for conquering a settlement (you can send out troops in 5 minutes if you want).

All warriors chosen for the conquest cannot receive any other orders until the end of the expedition.

NOTE: After seceding from an alliance your settlement troops automatically return home.


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