What does Village Strength affect?

Village Strength is the amount of health that your enemy troops will lose when they attack you.

How does it work?
For instance, your village power is 1000.
Your village is being attacked by 800 pitchforkers with 5 health points each. Therefore the whole army has 4000 healthpoints exclusive of any improvements and trophies.
Before the battle begins your village power will subtract 1000 health point from your enemy’s troops, which equates to 200 pitchforkers.
Eventually your troops will have to fight 800 – 200 = 600 enemy pitchforkers.

Build a wall and place decors in your village and any army will take losses when it tries to attack you!

For instance, completely constructed 1st level wall can kill about twenty enemy robots.

Increase your village strength, and your enemies will think twice before attempting to take your
resources away!

Regards, Nexters Support Team

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