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You need to get a Drone in order to take part in the Arena battles. To get one, open the “Weapons and armor” menu, go to the “Drones” tab and click “Select”:

You can repaint your drone by clicking the ss__2013-06-21_at_06.12.36_.jpg “Repaint the drone” button in the bottom right corner of the drone pic. Select a color in the emerged palette.

There are types of drones: Light Drone, EMP Drone and Heavy Drone.
Each type of drone has its own characteristics that you can learn in the description.

You can get drones of all types and then switch between them, which will allow you to use different battle strategies:

  •  Choose your first drone for free, according to your preferences:
  • You can unlock and buy the rest of the drones when you achieve certain levels, or for starmoney.
  • As the drones level up, they change their appearance and improve their characteristics. ss__2013-06-27_at_03.50.48_.jpg
  • Only the selected drone receives a reward for winning the Arena.
  • You can only take one drone to battle!

Drone skills: 

  • Light Drone: Crit chance. Can deal additional damage. Amount of damage depends on the drone's level.
  • EMP Drone: Reflect chance. Gives you a chance to reflect opponent's hit partly. The chance and amount of reflected damage depend on the drone's level.
  • Heavy Drone: Block chance. Partly absorbs damage dealt by an opponent. Amount of absorbed damage depends on the drone's level.

Drone skills improve as they level up. Drones receive experience points as a reward for winning the Arena:


Arena battles:

Breathtaking battles featuring drones are held on the new Arena.
In order to take part in them, you need to do the following:

  • Go to the Map
    ss (2013-06-21 at 05.23.02).jpg
  • Enter the Arena
    ss (2013-06-21 at 05.24.04).jpg
  • Get into your League
  •  Apply for battle
  • Press the "Apply for battle" button to sign up for a battle. Battle participants are selected according to the following parameters:
    - Battle rank
    - Attack rate
    - Health rate
    - Clan affiliation
    In higher leagues stats of battle participants can vary more significantly than in beginner leagues. If there are not enough players for the battle in the queue, missing players are substituted by bots.

  • If there are no matching opponents in your league, the server will try to send you to battle with another league members with matching stats. The reward for winning the battle will be the same as in your league.
    If there are no matching opponents for you, you will fight with bots.

ss (2013-06-21 at 05.19.17).jpg  When a player makes a move, his pic darkens.
ss (2013-06-21 at 05.13.55).jpg  A crossed icon signifies that a player did not do anything in his turn and dropped out of the battle.

There are two ways to hit an opponent:

1) Click on him on the Arena
2) Click on his pic in top right corner.

The weaker team always has the first turn!



Your ss__2013-06-21_at_05.31.28_.jpg Battle rank determines your league affiliation. Leagues provide that you face matching opponents at the Arena and receive relevant rewards.

  • There are 8 leagues – in accordance with the number of available maps
  • You can see top players of each league by pressing the "?" button
  • Having gained maximum points for your league, you are automatically transferred to the next league.
  • Players are distributed into leagues every 24 hours.

Regards, Nexters Support Team

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